I love the sound of this project and where it is heading — abstracting layers away from coding in specific (and increasingly numerous) tools to be able to move faster towards accomplishing the concrete of what needs to be done, ex.: creating a login, sending emails, rendering components; whatever it is. Such an idea has actually been on my mind for a while now. I originally was thinking of something which I nicknamed fspm, for “full stack package manager”, (obviously borrowed from npm )… but I was too intimidated to consider starting anything that ambitious alone.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked in previous projects to find nice examples of what needs to be implemented next—(in fact, I know there are memes out there about “Oh, I’ve done this before — let me open the proper project or .csproj until I find it !— Oh, now that I’ve opened 50 projects, I’ve finally found that example!” 😂

Not to mention those of us (guilty myself!) who find ourselves always hopping to StackOverflow to find some examples or solutions to our current problem. Not checking StackOverflow or Google is rediculous in my opinion — the alternative is expecting to keep simply too much information in your head!

Point is, so much stuff that is often touted as “custom” is usually 99% of the time able to be abstracted to extisting tools or solutions — the issue therein lies with using those tools according to the best practices of (usually the creators) and any other guidelines of the given tool.

A bit of a ramble to be sure, but in any case, I’ll be watching this project closely! Best of luck! 🍀 😄 👍

My only question is… where’s the GitHub repo? 😄

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https://chrisfrew.in 👨‍💻Full Stack Software Engineer 🏠Austria/USA 🍺Homebrewer ⛷🏃‍Outdoorsman

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