The Last Bitbucket Pipelines Tutorial You’ll Ever Need: Mastering CI and CD

An incredibly powerful tool that will save you time and save you from configuration headaches!

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Are You Always Logging on to Your Server with SSH and Fighting with Your Builds and Deploys?

Bitbucket Pipelines?

A “Hello World” Bitbucket Pipelines File

Example step output showing “Hello world!” outputted on the first step.
Example step output.

Validating and Checking Pipeline Files

The Bitbucket Pipelines validator finding an error in the indentation.
Error caught by the Bitbucket Pipelines validator.

Enough With the Beginner Stuff! Let’s Make a Pipelines File for a Real Build!

A gif of pinnochio shouting “I’m a real boy!”
I’m a real boy!
"scripts": {
"build": "tsc"

Save Dist Folder and NPM Modules Artifacts

SCP to Copy Artifacts to Your Server of Choice

SSH to Login to Your Server of Choice

Bonus: Multi-Branch and Multi-Environment System

├── .env.develop.json
├── .env.json
├── .env.production.json
└── .env.staging.json

Bonus: Add a Slack Bot and a Messaging Webhook

Plug Time: Learn All This and More in my Bitbucket Pipelines Mastery Course!

Lesson 1 of my Mastering Bitbucket Pipelines course!



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